Fall 2009
The original PennApps, with 17 teams.
Fall 2010
The second PennApps, with 10 teams.
Spring 2011
Known as "PennApps Mobile", with 23 teams.
Fall 2011
"PennApps Data", with 40 teams.
Spring 2012
Forty-two teams competed in this event focused on "Simplicity".
Fall 2012
Over 300 students attended, more than double previous events.
Spring 2013
Five-hundred students from around the world attended the largest PennApps yet.
Fall 2013
Over 1100 students made this the first college hackathon over 1000.
Spring 2014
PennApps Valentines Day edition was the most loving yet.
Fall 2014
The tenth anniversary of the original college hackathon.
Spring 2015
Penguins took over this winter edition of PennApps.

PennApps XII

Come Make History With Us

Labor Day Weekend
(September 4th-6th)


Registration is currently only open for Penn Students

Hosted at the nation's first university, PennApps is the original college hackathon. Come join us to learn something new, build an app, or start a company.
Let's continue to make history together.


The College Hackathon

In the context of a hackathon, the word "hack" is used to describe how multiple technologies can be used together in a new and innovative way. Teams of up to four people spend the weekend working on innovative software and hardware solutions to real-world problems. These projects range in platform and application, including elements of web development, mobile applications, drones, and more. However, many times the most important aspect of a hackathon is the community it generates and skills that inexperienced hackers walk away with.

The PennApps Difference

Founded in the fall of 2009, PennApps was the nation's first student-run college hackathon. Since then, it has spurred a revolution in the way engineering students develop and showcase their skills, spawning an entire "league" of hackathons across the nation. In past years, over a thousand students from the U.S. and other countries like Switzerland, Canada, England, and Singapore have converged in Philadelphia for the spring and fall editions of the event for a weekend of creation and discovery. Both beginners and experts alike will work together, learn and compete to become better engineers and work on awesome projects. This year, PennApps is growing to 2000 of the brightest hackers in the world, allowing us to bring even more of the world's best talent under one roof to work together and build amazing things.

A History of Excellence


Cohosted by Penn's Women in Computer Science (WICS), the very first PennApps spanned a week! (Don't worry, participants were allowed to sleep.) 17 teams participated, and laid the foundation for all PennApps to come.


This was the first 48 hour PennApps; though only 10 teams made it through, we think they did an amazing job! One standout app was SEPTA Now, which tracks SEPTA regional trains around the city so users can know exactly where trains are and if they're running late.

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College Hackers Gather in Philadelphia for PennApps Mobile - Twilio Blog


Also known as PennApps mobile, this hackathon centered around the creation of mobile apps. 23 teams pulled together their hacks on platforms including Android, iPhone, Mobile Web, Windows Phone, and through texting.

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In Fall 2011, the focus was data. Sponsored by Venmo, Comcast, Twilio, Yahoo, Palantir, Tumblr, Mozilla, and 30 other companies and organizations, we challenged students to choose from a variety of publicly available data sets. Competitors were asked to uniquely and efficiently solve problems through the use of data. 40 teams presented at the demo session, and their hacks were truly innovative as were the winners.

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Sponsored by Venmo, Coursekit (now Lore), Tumblr, Yahoo, and nineteen other companies, PennApps Spring 2012 centered around the theme of simplicity. ScratchTable won the grand prize: the team used a contact mike and their coding skills to turn any surface into a DJ turntable. Second place was Grassroutes, a hack that allowed anyone to put a widget on any website, giving users one-click access to their congressional representatives. All of the other winners can be found here.

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With nearly 500 students, PennApps continued to hold its title as the top college hackathon. With Venmo, Dropbox, Microsoft, Andreessen Horowitz, and many other companies sponsoring, PennApps Spring 2013 was able to attract students from universities as far off as California (Stanford, Berkeley, etc.), Canada (Waterloo, Toronto) and even Switzerland (ETH Zurich), becoming the first PennApps to go international. First place went to Inventory and the rest of the winners can be found here.

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With around 1,100 students, we nearly tripled in size this time around. Sponsors including Venmo, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform allowed the best hackers to travel to Penn from around the world, including Switzerland (ETH Zurich), Hong Kong (HKUST), Israel (IDC Herzliya), and Singapore (NUS). We took over Penn Engineering and the sixth floor of Van Pelt library for hacking, and the Palestra on Sunday for an expo of the more than 200 incredible hacks. First place and $10,000 went to Swap and you can find the rest of the outstanding hacks here.

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Instead of increasing our size, we expressed our love for PennApps participants by focusing on improving the quality of the hacking experience for our Valentine’s day edition. We helped hackers express admiration for each other through candygrams and our PennApps Admirers page, honored the youngest elite coders with a high school hacker meet-up, and cherished our top sponsor Venmo with a parody ad campaign. We joined forces with Penn’s Architechs to provide dedicated space and parts to hardware hackers and Penn’s Design and Education schools for Stitchfest. After hacking for 36 hours straight in the Penn Engineering complex and demoing finished apps at the Penn Museum, The Homework Machine took the top prize (and you can find all the other awesome projects here).

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PennApps X was the best PennApps yet, with incredible cutting edge hardware on hand, collaborations with Penn's Med & Design Schools and amazing hacks by the best hackers from around the world. With only a 30% acceptance rate, it was also the most competitive PennApps ever. We focused on making the experience for hackers as great as possible by doubling down on our mentoring efforts and organizing Code Weekend the weekend before PennApps to introduce first-time hackers to coding. We also brought in the team from Pagevamp (PennApps Fall 2012) to inspire hackers to build things that last. PennApps X - Fall 2014 was a major milestone for the hacker community, and we celebrated with special X themed gear, cakes and swag for the ages.

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PennApps Winter 2015: PennApps XI was winter themed, and brought out the big guns with the first penguin-themed hackathon. The biggest PennApps yet, with over 1300 hackers, focused on making the most enjoyable hackathon for hackers, with great food (local delicacies such as Federal Donuts, Rita's, and Philly Cheesesteaks were standouts), great side events (Ice Skating with the penguin mascot) and penguin plushies for everyone. We also brought back Code Weekend and all-new workshops and mentors as resources to help hackers get started. The Final Expo moved to the historic Houston Hall and a joint Live Stream with MHacks took over the front page of Twitch.tv. The winning team lifesaber was from Barcelona and the rest of the hacks can be seen here.

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Coming September 4th-6th.


PennApps is built upon the idea that everyone should be able to participate, from individuals who have never written a line of code to experts who have been developing for years. To help facilitate the learning experience, we've compiled a number of resources to help during the weekend. Our mentoring website has a number of tutorials on tools to get you started. In addition, we'll be offering a series of tech talks throughout the event.


This Fall, PennApps is introducing Routes.

Think of Routes as a series of forks you can take, each adjusting your final destination by a bit. The right combination will help make your hack that much better, and each one you choose to take could lead to a very special payoff.

There will be 6 routes you can choose to take this fall: EdTech, VR/AR, Design, Social & Civic Hacking, Sports & Entertainment, and Humor. Routes will give you special access to resources, fun side events, workshops and should you choose to incorporate one or more into your hack, prizes. We're really excited to show you what we've got planned!

Keep an eye out for more specifics on individual routes.


Once again, PennApps is partnering with The Architechs to show everyone the beauty of hardware by providing resources and support to visiting hardware hackers at PennApps. If you're interested in sponsoring our hardware section of PennApps, checkout our hardware sponsorship document.

Many past PennApps hacks have included hardware and our goal is to give hardware and software equal importance at PennApps. If you want to hack on it, we will have it for you. For those of you that want to get more physical with your hacks, we will be providing access to laser cutters and 3D printers.

In the past we have supplied hackers with the most exciting technologies including Microsoft Kinects, Parrot Drones, Estimote Beacons, Thalmic Myos, Occulus Rifts, and an assortment of other sensors and supplies. Check out the full list of hardware we have here. We're likely to bring back many of these awesome things and more this Fall.


We are each affected by the shortcomings of a healthcare system overwhelmed with outdated technology, whether through our own experiences or those of our friends and family. We will be bringing together top clinicians, engineers, designers, and industry sponsors to take on the biggest challenges in health. We invite you to join us as we hack our health for a better, faster, more accessible, and more equitable health experience.

The PennApps Health symposium will include keynotes on the power of technology to improve healthcare. Stay tuned for more details, but previous symposiums also hosted interactive panel discussions featuring entrepreneurs and engineers who are using technology to innovate in healthcare, and a reception for hackers to discuss their ideas with the speakers, as well as clinical and industry mentors.

Aside from the mentors coming from our corporate sponsors, clinical mentors representing the fields of Radiology, Cardiology, Pulmonology and Psychology as well as mentors with backgrounds in medical and diagnostic imaging, bioinformatics, and clinical informatics will be present during the hackathon. We will also have graduate student mentors from the fields of design, biomedical engineering, and medicine.


Applications have closed.

Non-Penn Students can no longer apply
Penn Students may still register here

The Application Process

Thousands of qualified candidates apply to participate in PennApps every year, however our space can only support a limited number of participants and as much as we'd like to take everyone, it just isn't possible. We think that the fairest way to decide who we invite is by asking everyone to tell us a little bit about themselves, so that we can invite people who have demonstrated interest and skill.

We don't expect everyone to have been to a hackathon before, in fact, we love first-time hackers having been there ourselves when we started! We're just trying to bring those who most want to really build something awesome and learn something new, and while we can't invite everyone, we're striving to continue building a community of diverse and amazing hackers at PennApps. Just show us what you've made, tell us about why you want to be at PennApps, and we'll do our best to get you here!

By growing to become the largest hackathon in the nation, we hope to double the number of people we can invite to PennApps, so get ready for a life-changing experience!


*PennApps Spring 2015 Statistics.


Traveling To PennApps

We will pay for your travel to PennApps. You won't have to pay a dime. In fact, while you're here, we'll even throw in free food and tons of awesome swag all weekend long.

If you're not from the USA, we will pay for your travel up to $500, and can help you find sponsors to cover any difference (this has happened frequently in the past). We think that the best hackers in the world shouldn't have to pay their way here.


All Weekend
Smash Game Room - Sponsored by Qualtrics 11th Street Bistro
12 PM Registration Opens Check-In
2 PM - 2:45 PM Nerd's Guide to Disrupting Healthcare with Cofounder and CTO of 1DocWay, Danish Munir Cadillac Grille
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM Health Keynote Address with Principal Architect from athenahealth Cadillac Grille
3:30 - 4:30 PM Health Symposium Mentor/Sponsor Fair Cadillac Grille
4 PM Apple Workshop: What to Expect at Your First Hackthon Hall of Fame
4 PM Philly Pretzels Factory - Sponsored by Linode Cure Club
4:30 PM Microsoft: Intro to Azure Cadillac Grille
6PM - 8PM Opening Ceremony Main Stands
8 PM Hacking Starts
8 PM Dinner Cure Club
8 PM - 1 AM fatCoffee Cure Club
8 PM Team Formation Hall of Fame
8:30 PM HTML Workshop Cadillac Grille
8:30 PM Design Workshop Hall of Fame
9 PM Civic Hacking Workshop Cadillac Grille
9:30 PM Android Workshop Hall of Fame
10:00 PM Hardware Workshop Cadillac Grille
12 AM Pizza - Sponsored by Bloomberg Cure Club
3 AM Rita's Italian Ice Cure Club
7:30 AM - 10 AM Breakfast Cure Club
12 PM Lunch Cure Club
2 PM Women Hackers Meetup Hall of Fame
3:30 PM Popsicles from Lil Pop Shop Cure Club
5 PM From PennApps to Series A: How WayUp (Campus Job) went from a hack to a $9.1MM company Cadillac Grille
6 PM Dinner Cure Club
7 PM High School Hackers Meetup Cadillac Grille
8 PM - 1 AM fatCoffee Cure Club
9 PM Quizzo - Sponsored by Linode Cadillac Grille
12 AM Federal Donuts Cure Club
3 AM Insomnia Cookies and Milk - Sponsored by Apple Cure Club
7:30 AM - 10 AM Breakfast Cure Club
8 AM - 11 AM fatCoffee Cure Club
9 AM Hacking Ends Cure Club, Lexus Room
10 AM - 1 PM Expo Main Floor
2 PM - 4 PM Closing Ceremony Main Stage and Stands

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions, so check below for some of the most common answers or drop us a line at [email protected].

How much will PennApps cost me?

Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. We'll provide you with a weekend's worth of swag, meals, drinks, and snacks and a place to crash when you need a break from coding. In fact, we'll even fully reimburse your travel (see Travel section).

Will there be buses to the Wells Fargo Center?

Yes! Buses will be provided. For more information please see here.

Once I am accepted, what do I need to bring?

Need: Laptop and charger, cellphone and charger, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, a couple changes of clothes (nerdy shirts are particularly appreciated).

Don't need: a pre-determined team, an idea for an app, food or drink.

Please don't bring: Firearms or other weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, soldering or similar equipment, animals (no matter how adorable).

How do reimbursements work?

When you're accepted, we'll have a page where you can submit your required travel reimbursement forms and receipts. For each location hackers will be coming from, we determine the cheapest reasonable option and set a reimbursement cap at a bit more than the cost of that option. We will reimburse all travel costs up to this cap—if you go over, we'll still reimburse the amount of the cap, but no more. You can find more information here.

When/Where can I hack?

PennApps will start in the evening of Friday, September 4th with the kick-off ceremony. There will be events planned throughout the day for those who arrive early. A detailed schedule of events and locations will be posted later. All work eligible for prizes must be completed between Friday night after the kick-off and Sunday morning at the hacking location (TBA).

What can I win?

It's not about winning—it's about learning and making friends that last for a lifetime (so everyone's a winner!). If you're thinking, "that's adorable...but really," then we've got you covered too. A panel of professional judges will select the best three hacks based on the following criteria: creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness. Top prizes are TBA, but usually involve thousands of dollars and insane perks from company sponsors. Most sponsors offer their own prizes too for specific categories, which they judge and fund themselves. We had well over $40k worth of prizes up for grabs last time if you like numbers.

I'm interested in using hardware for my hack?

You're in luck! We have a whole team of organizers devoted to hardware. Check out the hardware tab to see what they have planned.

I'm not a student, so how can I get involved?

Unfortunately, we can't allow you to participate in the event or be on site during hacking. If you're looking to mentor (i.e. someone with technical skills who'd be willing to help out participants during the weekend), you should reach out to us at [email protected] Otherwise, you can see the finished products at the demos on Sunday (time and location TBA).

How is PennApps run?

PennApps is planned almost entirely by (sleep-deprived) University of Pennsylvania students, with some advice and assistance from our friends at Penn Engineering. One hundred percent of the funding for PennApps comes from corporate sponsor donations. You can find more information about sponsoring at our sponsor section.

What should I do if I have additional questions or want to express my limitless gratitude?

Aw shucks. Well, if you really must thank us, or you have questions about anything, shoot us an email at [email protected]

What's the application process like?

We're looking for creative and innovative people with a set of skills that can contribute to a project - mobile, web, hardware, design, or anything else really cool. We generally prefer people that have proven their abilities in previous projects, evident through links, project descriptions, Github profiles, video demos or participation/awards in other hackathons. We don't require that you've participated in a hackathon ever before, but show us what makes you special in whatever way is most natural.

When will applications close?

The application will close June 5th at 11:59pm EDT.

Who can apply?

Any college, university, or high school student 15 years old or older on September 1st, 2015 is eligible to apply.

Should Penn students fill out the application too?

Nope! We'll have a separate registration process for Penn students only later in the summer. Every Penn student who wants to participate is free to, as long as they register in advance. No application process. If you're new to programming, we'll be running workshops for Penn students in the weeks leading up to the event (look out for Code Weekend!), and Friday evening of PennApps.


Working with PennApps as a sponsor provides companies a unique opportunity to reach some of the nation's most talented college students. There are a number of levels at which sponsors can get involved, the details of which can be found below:

General Sponsorship

Information for corporate sponsors can be found on our Sponsorship Document.

VC Sponsorship

Venture Capital firms looking to bring their portfolio companies should look at our VC Sponsorship Document.

Sponsorship Guide

Check out our Sponsorship Guide for important information about how to make the most of sponsoring a hackathon.

The PennApps Sponsorship team can be reached at [email protected].

"PennApps is the gold standard for student-run hackathons."

- Github

"This was probably the most well organized hackathon I have attended, and I was blown away by the quality of projects the students produced. We were thrilled to be a sponsor!"

- Venmo

"PennApps - where students make the impossible possible."

- Facebook

"PennApps one of the best organized hackathons we've sponsored. There were some really great engineers there building inspiring products. We're really grateful for the opportunity to have been involved with PennApps, and got way more out of it than we even imagined!"

- Quixey

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